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quinta-feira, 19 de junho de 2014

15º Capítulo Especial - Distante Amor (Versão English)

The match of the Brazilian team against Mexico was zero zero but it will not desmotivou the crowd that cheered wildly. In-house Gracindo, joy swept and Barbara was keen to make a caipirinha with her husband. Amaury was unhappy by the game, but Ingrid thought it best to be like the ending, because I was concerned to see Brazil lose to the competition. Meanwhile, the sound of reggae and electronic pop, trip Danilo is quiet. He enjoys to rest a bit before the bus window and occasionally observes the photo of Jessica on her cell. Your thinking is completely turned to her and he thinks the right words to tell her that the meeting could become unforgettable for both. And enjoying the journey, the bus continues on its route towards its destination: Rio de Janeiro.

Jessica is looking forward to this meeting and Ingrid tries to calm her down a bit. Suzane gets to sleep in his house because the two agreed to go together to meet Danilo on road.
_Daughter! Shortly at six o'clock you will find it and I'm sure everything will work out. _say mother supporting this madness.
_I Know mom. I'm so happy for this moment.
_Friend, Try to get some rest. I'm sure that Danilo should be doing the same now. _say Suzane, calm.
_You Two right. I need to be beautiful tomorrow with no trace of concern. I'm so excited!
_No Be daughter! So you will not get a good night's sleep. Please rest! _say Ingrid.
_Ta Good mother! _say Jessica, quieter and Suzane smiles.

Victoria and Katiele talk by phone about Danilo.
She is distraught that the boy had traveled to meet with another.
_Friend, Turn the page! Shifts the focus! _advises Katiele.
_I Love Danilo yet. I did not like it!
_Tries Understand Victoria! Finished!
_ I never thought he could trade me for another girl. Oh if I know this girl, I did everything for her out of my way.
_Victoria, You never hurt an ant let alone a person. Stop being paranoid and takes Danilo your head. Junior would not like to know that.
_ I need to sleep now. I'm having migraines and do not want to talk to anyone today. Kisses! _e she hangs up the phone without even saying goodbye Katiele.
_See! This gives you try to help others. We only take in the face. _complains katiele alone to see her friend hung and Barbara hears the door. _Mother That scare! What are you doing here?
_I Was just passing and sorry, just listening to the conversation.
_Okay. Victoria schism in having Daniel back.
_Your friend is mad about losing a good catch those. While Danilo is not to throw away. Deserve better.
_Mother! You speak in a way.
_My daughter, if I were younger and knew Danilo, I was not gonna lose no chance.
_The lady gone crazy?
Barbara smiles happy.
_Sorry Daughter. But I tell the truth. Victoria does not reach the foot of Danilo. It has nothing to do with him.
_If You say huh? And who has to do with Danilo huh?
_You My face.
_I? Mom, we're just friends.
_Friendship That can turn something serious in the blink of an eye.
_Nor Mother rolls. Victoria and Daniel is my friend has a girlfriend now.
_Mas These young people today are so hasty.
Katiele smiles.
_Mas They were not married yet which means you have chances. Daughter, reasons! Danilo is a young boy, come from a traditional, elegant family. Has possessions. Will give you a grand future.
_Mother, The lady again with this talk. Wow! I do not care if they have good condition or not. Danilo is another and I do not want to be with him.
_You Saw is dizzy! Stay there then giving rope to madness to see if Victoria will have good results in life. Victoria is the type of person who does not suit me and give my face to slap she will never help you.
_I Do not need her help ta good! Now let me lie down for a bit because this subject is already making me angry.
_Sorry Daughter if I'm being realistic. I just want you to be happy and that it is not playing the dumb little friend who can turn her back one day. Good night! Barbara _diz closing the door and leaving the thoughtful daughter.
_Será Will she do this to me? _reflects Katiele.

The day dawns and the routine continues.
Jessica and Suzane come together road. She decides to call Danilo but the connection is not completed.
_The Happened?
_No'm Managing to call due to signal.
_You Try later.
'Yes. _say her tense.
On the other hand, Danilo also can not call Jessica because the phone battery will discharge.
_I Do not believe I forgot to put this phone to load and now my God? _think he's nervous. _Go Be all right, Danilo! Just have faith!
The bus coming from Sao Paulo already approaching the bus and Suzane accompanied Jessica awaits Danilo.
_You Are really prepared to find it?
'Yes. Sure. Jessica _say confident.
_Ok! Suzane _say.
Very close there, the rapist observes and recognizes the two Suzane right away. But he did not take any action.
A few minutes later, the bus arrives and stops in his direction.

Jessica rejoices in and says Danilo can be in this bus. Suzane is happy for her friend.
Meanwhile, Amaury and Ingrid await news at home.
_How Is it this guy huh? _ask Amaury.
_I Do not know love. I just know that it gets our daughter happy.
_Daughter is filed. Has feet on the ground. If he makes you smile, it is because he is good natured.
_With Sure. Jessica would never get involved with guys of bad character.
_Studious And always aware of everything that happens out there, our daughter would never do that. Good, now we can only hope right?
_Truth. _consents Ingrid.

Victoria arrives by car and finds Katiele on the doorstep.
_Hi! _greets young.
_I Came to apologize for yesterday. I was kind of rude to you.
_Okay Victoria.
_You Are right when you say that I should go to another in relation to Danilo but I do not want Katiele. I know I still have a chance with him and this is just a phase we're going through.
_Victoria, I do not want to discuss this subject.
_Ok! You are a great friend indeed, and I believe you too.
_Thank You! Well, I need to help my father to open the bakery.
_Well. See you later.
_Of course! _say Katiele.
Victoria alloy car keys and leaves.
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